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Instagram – A new social Fad or the future of social networks ?

From the inclusion of the first cameras in cell phones, the fact to be able to photograph the moment where it happens, has become part of the idiosyncrasy of the inhabitants of any part of the world. This is boosted with the arrival on the market of smartphones or smart phones, which allow us to share pictures taken with cell phone with friends and contacts in the most important social networks.

In that sense, Instagram is one of the most successful social networks of today, and there is no user that photography escaping is not like using it, use or think about sharing your pictures using this application. In this article we will know why Instagram has become the implementation of photo number one for Android and iOS.


How does it Work ?

Instagram basically is a simple but powerful application of photography for the platform Android and iOS, and through which, in addition to taking the actual photo, also can add effects and filters to enhance or transform the appearance of the photo. It also allows us to share it on other social networks like Flickr, Twitter, Tumblr Facebook with a single click.

Launched at the end of 2010 after a long time of work by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom, Instagram was capturing users steeply, coming in 2014 to overcome the barrier of the 200 million people using its services. Originally developed only for devices that had iOS operating system such as iPhone, iPad and iPod, newly in 2012 was developed a version compatible with the mobile operating system of Google, Android, taking advantage of the incredible development of this platform.

Filters and Instagram features

Beyond the ability to share our images with other members of the platform or other social networks, the truth is that Instagram is best known for the incredible amount and quality of filters and effects that you can apply to your photos. Some of the filters most used by members of Instagram are Amaro, Willow, Walden, Sutro, Mayfair and Inkwell, all of impeccable result final and very colorful.

In this sense, there is a feature that distinguishes Instagram: photographs that we manipulate with the application, once your issue take a look similar to the old images taken with Instamatic and Polaroid cameras with rounded tips and a square aspect ratio. As users become more aware of the marketing potential of this social network a parallel market emerges where you can buy cheap Instagram likes to help your account look more popular.

At the request of their users, Instagram, from may 2013, included the possibility of adding tags on the photos that were taken with the application, a very ordered option for users of the platform, and that unlike other social networks, had been rejected so far. The use of hashtags (#) allows the user to filter between categories of images that correspond to the same theme.

How to install and use Instagram

how to use instagram


To begin enjoying the many benefits offered by Instagram, first we have to download it and install it on your device, which you can do by clicking on this link, which we shall apply directly to the official website of Instagram.
In the event that our device to run Android as an operating system, the only thing we have to do is click on this link.

Once the application is installed, run it to log in the system, what we can do through an email account or by using the same username and password for Facebook.

Personalized Photo Sharing With Instagram

Instagram allows you to share photos in a personalized way

Personalized Photo Sharing With Instagram



Instagram, property of Facebook Photo social network, today launched a new service to allow users to share your images and videos with people determined without making public all his followers.

The new option which is incorporated into the application and which was called Instagram Direct so footsteps of other popular mobile photographic tools that have blossomed to allow customization of the contents, as it is the case of Snapchat.

So far, Instagram users shared their photos and videos with who followed them in this social network, without possibility to choose specific recipients.

“There are moments in our lives that we want to share, but that will be relevant only to a small group of people, as a joke between friends caught on the fly, a special family time, or even a photo of our new mascot. Instagram Direct helps you to share these moments”, explained on the blog of Instagram.

After three years of existence, Instagram has more than 150 million users worldwide.

In September 2012, Facebook disbursed $ 1 billion to acquire Instagram.


Instagram – From the Iphone to the Browser

instagram on iphone

Kevin Systrom created an application designed by and for the iPhone. At least that was the initial idea of Instagram. Until in April he released on Android. For the faithful, it was as close to a betrayal. How could followers and photos using phones of all kinds, with cameras from different manufacturers and different definition be now that to them, precisely, to them, proud owners of the Apple mobile appear them, suddenly? A week after it was learned the reason for the expansion, Facebook bought the retouching served for 765 million euros.

Little by little, Instagram has been losing part of his essence to gain in popularity. There is still no program for Blackberry or Windows Phone 8, but neither are they, for now, major smartphone platforms.

But if it has reached the computer officially with the creation of user profiles. Until then you could consult from links from social networks, but without the ability to view the temporal sequence. To do this, it was necessary to use additional as Carousel or Instagrid applications. Learn how to get more Instagram followers by utilizing simple marketing strategies to your advantage.

The last surprise for photos with vintage air invade across the network are the badges, something like medallions to embed the Filmstrip in any web, personal pages and blogs. Something already happening with Twitter, Facebook or Flickr. Instagram is increasingly less mobile, but much broader.

Facebook has not finished to integrate this purchase, even if you try. It is strange that on the one hand to update the application of the social network for iPhone added filters for retouching photos, which can be “like” photos on two platforms interchangeably, but that are not unified user profiles. Although the latter if you have tried this. At the moment, without the approval of the American authorities.